How to Order

...if WE are picking the photos:

1. View photo, order collage print

2. Also order "choose pics for us"

3. Hit checkout

...if YOU are picking the photos:

1. Pick favorite photo, order collage print

2. Pick other photo, order "use in collage"

3. Repeat #2 three to six times

4. Hit checkout

After the order is placed, a rough draft is made and sent to the email address that placed the order.

The customer may approve the design or request one free set of changes to the layout or photos.

Additional changes can be requested after that but they will result in an additional editing fee.


Can I order or pay in person? Yes. Send me an email or ask me for more info.

Can you combine multiple people in one collage? Yes. Siblings or close friends are common requests.

Can I call and order the collage by phone? Sure! Many customers prefer that method. If you wish to call but do not have my phone number, please send me a message with the contact page above.

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